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Kooloora Ski Lodge Fire

You have probably already heard of last nights close call at Kooloora Lodge.  NSW Fire responded to a 000 call and were able to prevent the fire from getting away.  It’s a good example of the benefits of a maintained detection and alarm system.

Well done to Alpine Fire Safety & your staff !


Protecting against lightning strikes

With the changing weather and more frequent extreme weather conditions experienced in the Snowies over the last 4 months it makes good sense to ensure you are protected against lightning strikes. In December, we witnessed the worst electrical storm activity in our region for the past 25 years with a large number of call-outs following a direct hit on a property. In many of those cases, a complete replacement of blown-out equipment was the only solution – leaving the owners with an unwanted expense.

Avoid this happening to you by investing in quality surge protection equipment installed on to your existing circuits and mains supplies. Limiting the down time and cost involved in replacing blown up equipment makes installing the best possible protection a wise move!

Please contact us to arrange a quote as well as provide a report that will advise you on what protection is best suited to your specific equipment.


Get ready for winter

With winter approaching and the ski season about to start – have you checked all your fire systems for compliance and reliability?

Don’t leave it too late!

Contact us now to discuss how best we can assist you.

You’re the owner. You’re responsible.

The most common question we receive from owners is Who is responsible for certification?

The simple answer is the owner of the building, but What are those responsibilities and how do you ensure they are being met?

Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 is a complex legislation with a number of specific building codes relating to Fire Safety. As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your building meets all of the measures set out in the legislation. This includes an annual assessment by a qualified person who can issue and register a copy of the Annual Fire Safety Statement or Fire Safety Certificate with the Council and the NSW Fire Brigades.

A copy of the statement or certificate must also be prominently displayed in the building.

The most effective way to ensure you comply is to set up a regular inspection, testing and replacement program. Not only will this protect you as the owner, it provides peace-of-mind that ALL your fire equipment is ready to protect occupants and assets.

Alpine Fire Safety has been servicing the Snowies since 1983 and has the experience and credentials to assess, test and maintain new and existing fire protection systems. We can provide a comprehensive fire safety assessment which includes a detailed report that checks all measures are compliant and equipment is correctly specified and installed in your building. We are also qualified to prepare your Annual Assessments, BCA Assessments and Fire Upgrade Assessments in accordance with AS4655.

Don’t wait till it’s too late, contact us today.

Fire Safety Training Courses

Emergency evacuation procedures and training should always be designed specifically to your workplace and environment. Our expert Category 1 Trainer can develop a plan so that in the event of a range of potential disasters including fire, arson, gas leaks, & natural disasters your staff know exactly what their roles are, how to act safely and use the equipment correctly.

As fully qualified Fire Training Instructors and Surveyors they can train all your management and staff including:

  • Hose and Extinguisher training
  • Emergency warden training
  • Assessment and set up of evacuation plans and advise on any equipment that you may need

Contact us to arrange a no obligation consultation to discuss your specific fire safety requirements.