Alpine Fire Safety

Reliable and local. We are highly experienced and qualified to
deliver a full range of services and equipment.


Protecting the snowies since 1983

We've grown since 1983 to become the most trusted fire safety specialists in the region. Our experience ensures you and your property have local access to the latest equipment and services best suited to our unique environment.


The best team, the best products

Equipment sales, service, design and installation for all types of
residential and commercial premises.


Our capabilities

Alpine Fire Safety is highly experienced and qualified in delivering a full range of services and equipment.

Protecting people and property in the Snowy Mountains, NSW.
The Snowy Mountains region boasts exceptional lifestyle and tourism investment opportunities. Experience gained from protecting these interests for 25 years is key to our success. Our local knowledge ensures you receive the best solutions and service from people who have grown up in the area – that have an intimate understanding of the people and networks that play an integral part in keeping you and your property safe.

Alpine Fire Safety is the fire safety specialist in the Snowy Mountains.

Equipment and sales:
Alpine Fire Safety holds stock on hand for immediate sales of extinguishers, fire blankets and signage.
Inspection, maintenance and servicing:
Alpine Fire Safety can provide a routine inspection and maintenance service of fire protection equipment in accordance with a variety of Australian Standards to the fire safety systems installed within buildings and plant are functioning as designed.

The routine inspection intervals of fire systems include weekly, monthly, three monthly, six monthly and annual in most cases, with some items requiring more annual and bi annual inspections.

The most common types of equipment, including portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, exit signs and emergency lights require six monthly inspections.

Certification & Annual Fire Safety Statements:
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 is a complex legislation with a number of specific building codes relating to Fire Safety. As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your building meets all of the measures set out in the legislation. Alpine Fire Safety is qualified to issue the annual assessment and register a copy of the Annual Fire Safety Statement or Fire Safety Certificate with the Council and the NSW Fire Brigades.
Fire safety training:
Emergency evacuation procedures and training should always be designed specifically to your workplace and environment. Our expert Category 1 Trainer can develop a plan so that in the event of a range of potential disasters including fire, arson, gas leaks, & natural disasters your staff know exactly what their roles are, how to act safely and use the equipment correctly.
Design and installation of fire systems:
From planning a new build through to retrofitting an existing one, from fire hydrant installation through to the latest technology including addressable systems that give fire fighters the exact location of an alarm, our highly trained technicians and our comprehensive range of products and systems will ensure you and your property are protected and your business complies.

We are highly experienced in design and installation for residences, strata developments, hotels and ski lodges and commercial businesses.

Site specific emergency planning:
A well executed fire risk assessment and safety plan helps minimise risk to life. Planning covers a broad spectrum of fire safety issues including the prevention and management of fires, reduction of combustible material, identification of means of escape and implementation of fire detection and communication systems. Our qualified team can tailor a plan specific to you and your premises.