Alpine Fire Safety

Reliable and local. We are highly experienced and qualified to
deliver a full range of services and equipment.


Protecting the snowies since 1983

We've grown since 1983 to become the most trusted fire safety specialists in the region. Our experience ensures you and your property have local access to the latest equipment and services best suited to our unique environment.


The best team, the best products

Equipment sales, service, design and installation for all types of
residential and commercial premises.


Equipment you can trust. Services that provide peace of mind.

From planning a new build through to retrofitting an existing one, from onsite audits and assessments through to the latest technology including addressable systems that give fire fighters the exact location of an alarm, our highly trained technicians and our comprehensive range of services will ensure you and your property are protected and your business complies.

Design & System Installation
With a unique environment like the Snowies you need a unique solution to keep people and property safe. Our experience and resources ensure we can tailor a new-build or retrofit solution that addresses all your needs including residences, strata developments, hotels and ski lodges and commercial businesses.


Sprinkler & Hydrant Sales
Fire fighting equipment can be the difference between extinguishing a small fire and the devastation caused when a fire is left unchecked. Our complete range of high quality equipment including sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, protective clothing and fireproof cabinets provides you with a first line of defence against fire.


Programmed Service & Maintenance
We can tailor a plan to ensure all your equipment is always in top working condition so that it’s ready to use in an emergency and that there is a minimal disruption during the busy winter and summer tourist seasons.

Emergency Call Out

As a local company we are close by to assist with all your fire safety and electrical needs. Whether it’s repairs, maintenance, or installations – we provide quality work at competitive rates.

Bushfire Risk Assessment

We can tailor a plan to ensure all your equipment is always in top working condition so that it’s ready to use in an emergency and that there is a minimal disruption during the busy winter and summer tourist seasons.

Electrical Services
Our qualified commercial and residential electricians have many years experience working in ski lodges, manufacturing plants and sensitive areas. They take a no-compromise approach to safety and security and provide a superior quality of work.


Fire Safety Training
Emergency evacuation procedures and training should always be designed specifically to your workplace and environment. Our expert Category 1 Trainer can develop a plan so that in the event of a range of potential disasters including fire, arson, gas leaks, & natural disasters your staff know exactly what their roles are, how to act safely and use the equipment correctly.

Bushfire Protection Systems

Our bushfire protection systems have been developed to be effective in domestic and commercial applications. All Systems are custom designed to meet the requirements of your house and of the surrounding environment. Your system will be installed by our experienced personnel, or for the dedicated DIY person, quality parts are available.


Exit & Emergency Lighting
According to Australian Standards AS2293.2, emergency lighting systems are required to be certified periodically by conducting a battery discharge test that ensures your battery can back up your emergency lighting for 90 minutes in a blackout or fire incident. As qualified electrical technicians, we can offer an electrical service where the light fittings can be installed, tested, maintained and repaired in the field.

Addressable Systems

Our commitment to innovation ensures you have access to the very latest systems. Addressable systems can be programmed to give fire fighters the exact location of an alarm as well as information on how much smoke has been detected… the benefit? Quicker response and false alarms can be eliminated.


VESDA Servicing
A Vesda detection system provides added security for areas where a fire would cause major disruption to your business. Periodic inspections become part of your fire risk strategy and are required to ensure the very sensitive devices are maintained in optimal condition.

Audit & Safety Planning
A well executed fire risk assessment and safety plan helps minimise risk to life. Planning covers a broad spectrum of fire safety issues including the prevention and management of fires, reduction of combustible material, identification of means of escape and implementation of fire detection and communication systems.


Annual Fire Safety Statement (NSW)
Our service, maintenance and reporting program is a well established and proven system currently used by lodge owners, businesses and residents throughout the Snowy Mountains region. Our technicians have a thorough understanding of each property and are better informed when it comes time to issue the Annual Fire Safety Statement.


All our inspections, installations & fire safety statements are in accordance with current Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.